• 28 september 2016
    We can tell it in three moments: one at the end of the 80s when the Magdalena Medio self-defence forces were created and began persecuting the whole social and political movement in the region, and they combined with the Navy’s network 07 at the beginning of the 90s. Les hele intervjuet
  • 28 september 2016
    PBI Mexico has a team in the state of Oaxaca who have been observing and accompanying a consultation process being carried out with indigenous communities in Isthmus of Tehuantepec where many large-scale wind farms are located and more are planned.
  • 24 mars 2016
    Parallelt med at det i Havanna forhåpentligvis går mot signering av en fredsavtale mellom Colombianske myndigheter og FARC-geriljaen, drepes menneskerettighetsforkjempere og politiske aktivister i et voldsomt omfang i Colombia.
  • 18 juni 2015
    Dokumentarfilm om forsvaret av land og territorium ovenfor store investeringsprosjekter i Latin-Amerika.